Monday, 26 March 2007


Hi people

just to let you all know that I have contacted the on the 16th and 19 of march 2007. Unfortunately the court doesn't have an email contact to start a complaint off which is a bit of a nuisance in this computer age, and I have as you will see questioned that, for someone some time might need a more rapid response that can be got than by letter.

Here then are the emails. for the record so to speak.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your message. All correspondence concerning applications should be sent by normal post to:

The Registrar
European Court of Human Rights
Council of Europe

Please see the document and especially paragraph 14 at the following link:
From: david gabriel Sent: 16 mars 2007 16:19To: Court WebmasterSubject: email address contact
Hi webmaster

I would like to make a representation to the court via email yet there does not seem to be the possibility of doing so via the web site or have I just overlooked something???

If you could supply one with a reply I would be very grateful.

Thank you David Gabriel

From: "Court Webmaster" To: "david gabriel" Subject: RE: email address contact
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 16:02:3
Thank you for your reply. You may send your application to the but only the follow-up letter by post will be taken into account.

From: david gabriel Sent: 19 mars 2007 15:51To: Court WebmasterSubject: RE: email address contact

Hi thanks for the info

I have read paragraph 14 the implication is that if you send a complaint by email or fax implies that an email address does exist and that they only require a copy by post.
Once again as a freedom of information request I would ask that you supply me with an email address for correspondence to the court.
many thanks for the prompt response. I trust that this request does not inconvenience you in any way.


Hi Webmaster

the email below was sent to the attorney general as well as the usual suspects mentioned in the blogs. I would ask the court to read all the blogs and consider that part of the convention that states, everyone has 'the right to a fair hearing in civil and criminal matters' I believe that the authorities in both Wales and England have done their level best to deny me that right.

Hence my appealing to the court. In an ideal world the claims that I make in the blogs ought to see that the upcoming National Assembly for Wales election are suspended until a public inquiry has dealt with those claims of wilful neglect by the Assembly with regards the health n welfare of vulnerable adults.

I trust this will do for now and I have supplied easy access to the list of complaints that have not been addressed adequately as yet or even appear to being addressed by the Crown Prosecution service.
David Gabriel aka Daoud Jibreel aka Crazydave (ADDRESS SUPPLIED)

Hi everybody
just so that Mr. Whoolley knows the full extent of the complaints here then is the current list of blogs and the complaints they cover, just so that he knows its not just about cardiff county council but a WHOLE LOT OF OTHER STUFF.
Seems that there are no means whereby the Welsh Assembly Election can be suspended even if it means that those elected may well find themselves facing charges of Malfeasance or wilful neglect, for their lack of action during this present term. I find that remarkable.
welsh assembly the crazydave files
Monday, February 06, 2006

welsh assembly the crazydave files


The Registrar
European Court of Human Rights
Council of Europe
F-67075 Strasbourg Cedex


Hi there

Today I sent via the Webmaster details of the blogs I have placed on regarding the wilful neglect of vulnerable adults by the Welsh Assembly government in general and me in particular. In the email I copy pasted the page where I list my blogs at

This letter is therefore confirmation of those complaints listed in the blogs and to numerous to mention here. As you will see the police have consistently refused to deal with any of the complaints and that I have just recently accused the crown prosecution service of attempting to pervert the course of justice with their ‘I am unable to access the blogs or the videos’ placed on what Mr. Whoolley really meant was that he could not be bothered.

I trust that this will do for now, however I would appreciate being contacted via email if that is at all possible as that is easier for me. I would also ask that you place on your web site an email address that others may sent their complaints to as the postal service in this computer age is a bit odd to rely on. It is (WITHHELD FOR PRIVACY REASONS)

All the best

David Gabriel

What more can I do for you people, there has to come a time when you get involved in the way your country is run, so that you have accountable politicians, from local councillors, who by the way have yet to contact me since filming them at the local meeting see my space and the date of that.
I still haven't heard that Rodney Berman the Chairman of Cardiff County Council has been questioned under caution for attempting to pervert the course of Justice by not securing the Corporate Complaint number regarding the Victimization by the Councils housing officer, most notably given the nuisance neighbour video the letter from their Ms LLewellyn telling me I had to take those curtains down, I am still waiting for the court order for that, eh Mr. Berman? All the way up to your first Minister or the Prime Minister, all of them accountable.

It's ironic that I had the Council Tax Bill today Chief Constable where your force gets £103 per year via housing benefit for not doing alot for me, you could almost call that another Fraud eh Crazydave. You sure could, I wonder if South Wales Police have a little bit of conflict of interest with your complaints given that the council collect MONEY on their behalf.

AND WHAT DO THEY GET UP TO WITH THAT MONEY the allowing of They allow the water companies to excessively profit out of houses of multiple occupancy don't you chief constable when there is no probable usage increase due to subdivision, THEY allow Malfeasance to go unchecked by elected officials both in local and National Government, and duty of care can fly out the window as well eh chief constable.

As far as the BBC go I have made a freedom of information request of one of their employees associated with the new Trust, for their emails addresses, and that of the DG Mr. Mark Thompson so far I am waiting for the reply. I will post the email address below so that any of you who feel that well they took the job they ought to be able to supply an email address of the trust on their web site so that when we are fed up with the monkeys we can get hold of the organ grinder, again without the need to post a frigging letter, that they can claim never go there.

Something I would like to draw to THE TRUST ATTENTION is the Vendetta the BBC have regarding Cannabis users. Last week some heavy user kills two kids and there they go trying to tar all Cannabis users with the same brush, I wonder if these broadcasters know of any heavy users, and if they were all the same wouldn't there be thousands of murders going on. Yet these same jerks probably love the ole booze eh Crazydave and then wot about the women who was abusing those kids, what was the reason for that she eat to many oranges or something or was she a vodka n coke drinker, or a Valium bitch.

Which leads nicely into the Health Minister, the Human Rights Court might ask why was Crazydave never given the figures of how many adults using Seroxat attempted to commit suicide Dr. Gibbon, and what about the question of how many Cipramil users were later sectioned eh Dr. Gibbon. Someone somewhere in the medical profession must know that, or are they just dishing out these pills on the Pharmaceutical industries say so?????????????????? By the Way Chief Constable those questions were in the document given to chief Super bob Evans way back in 2004.

Not that the BMA are interested that freedom of information request are continually ignored by local health authorities or by the Health Minister or any member of the Health n Social Services committee now are they Crazydave. Oh no they specialise in the protection of their members at all costs, just like they have buried the complaint regarding information regarding Dentistry now haven't they Chief Constable, yet another abuse of their powers, and all because they like to believe they are the who said's of the Greatest Magnitude. Well frankly Chief Constable they ought to be dragged screaming into a court of law for neglect, subject to periods in jail for that neglect, rather than spin their way out of responsibility.


to Ann Bastow

Hi Ann
I would like to have the email addresses of the Trust members rather than go through the bother of having to write a letter that I am not sure would even get to them, plus that of Mr. Mark Thompson the Director General.

There doesn't appear anyway that this is possible through the bbc wesite, but I have found you, can you forward this to the relevant person on my behalf. I would like the Trust members to view a series of blogs on and I trust that they will come to the conclusion that there are some very serious issues around 'independent broadcasting' and 'the public interest' that have unfortunately for us all been totally ignored by the bbc here in Wales.

Thank you crazydave.